Daniel Bear Hunley
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My name is Daniel Bear Hunley, & I’m a designer in Atlanta.

Before coming to Atlanta for The Creative Circus, I made a living as a creative content maker in Nashville, Tenn. At the age of 22, I began to amass a following which has grown to 1.5 million followers on Pinterest. This opened up doors into the world of design & advertising. I’ve created a cocktail for Patrón Tequila, planned the ultimate Valentine’s day wish list with Tiffany, designed a loft living room in NYC with CB2, and shot product images for Coca-Cola. I’ve worked with a slew of others, both curating high-quality content and producing it.

While my following garnered notoriety nationally, it also opened up doors locally. I became engrained into the food media community of Nashville, attending many grand openings and connecting with the network of writers, business people, and chefs who drive the Nashville food scene. It inspired a love of food that’s integral to my identity. I cook most nights out of the week and love large project cooks. Once, I created a burger from scratch — grinding my own meat blend from sirloin, brisket, & oxtail, baking buns, creating homemade mayo, ketchup, pickles, and even my own super-melty American-style cheese slices. As a creative, cooking is the perfect hobby. I have a new project each evening, it’s productive in improving my well-being, and I’m building a skill set that I’ll use to share my love with my friends and family for the rest of my life.

Whilst working with partners on national Pinterest campaigns (and winning awards like a Webby with CB2), I took on exciting projects like assisting with the launch of Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream, and serving as the creative director for a denim startup powered by the oldest garment factory still operating in Tennessee, Grady Mac Denim. I also worked as an interior design photographer for internationally recognized designers in Nashville. (I’m equipped to shoot food, too!)

I chose to press pause on my career to attend The Creative Circus because of my desire to elevate the caliber of my work, and I’ve cherished the opportunity. I’ve devoted myself to this process, marinating in the experience, and have come out the other side seasoned and ready.

I can be reached at danielhunley at gmail.com. A pdf version of the resume below can be found here.

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